e3. Planinski dom na Zelenici – Valvasorjev dom


Route: Planinski dom na Zelenici – Koča pri izviru Završnice – Smokuška planina – Tinčkova koča – Završniško jezero – Zabreška planina – Žirovniška planina – Valvasorjev dom

Start: Planinski dom na Zelenici, (altitude 1.534 m)

Destination: Valvasorjev dom (altitude 1.181 m)

The stage begins with a short climb from the Mountain Lodge at Zelenica (Planinski dom na Zelenici) towards the hut at the spring of Završnica (Koča pri izviru Završnice). The trail soon begins to descend, and at the spring of Završnica there is a short technically very demanding section where we hike along the bike. There is a checkpoint at the hut at the spring of Završnica, and we can also refresh ourselves before continuing. In the shelter of the mighty Begunjščica and Vrtača mountains, we continue for two kilometers on a steep forest road with a rather rough gravel through Smokuška Planina towards Tinčkova koča. This is where the road improves significantly and the slope becomes less steep. The descent continues for a little under 6 km past the mountain pasture Pri žagi and straight at the fork for Kališča. All too soon as we get to Završniško Lake, where the descent ends.

After the relaxing pause at the lake it is time to climb. At the crossroads behind the lake, we turn right towards Stol. We will climb for about 600 vertical meters, and to our destination – Valvasor’s Lodge – we will take a slightly longer route through the beautiful panoramic mountain meadows on the slope of the Stol mountain.

During the ascent, we can visit the Turkish Cave, where in the 15th and 16th centuries the inhabitants hid from the Turks. Access by bike is not possible, the cave is 5 minute hike away from the road.

At the Jamov’c intersection we turn right, continue for 1.4 km, then we turn left towards Zabreška planina. The road is steep, fortunately the dense forest protects us from the sun. After 1.5 km we are rewarded with one of the most beautiful views from the Gorenjska mountains: the Zabreška planina meadow offers a view of the many villages and towns below us, while the Julian Alps boast in the distance above Bled lake. The cabin also offers a great opportunity for refreshment after a long climb.

We continue cycling past Žirovniška planina. When we reach the gravel road after 1.5 km, we will turn right uphill, and only after a short 200 meters we will reach today’s destination, the Valvasor Lodge under Stol (Valvasorjev dom pod Stolom).


Route: Valvasorjev dom – Žirovniška planina – Zabreška planina – Završniško jezero – Tinčkova koča – Smokuška planina – Koča pri izviru Završnice – Planinski dom na Zelenici

Start: Valvasorjev dom (višina 1.181 m)

Destination: Planinski dom na Zelenici, (višina 1.534 m)

We descend for 200 meters on the main gravel road down from the Valvasor’s Lodge (Valvasorjev dom pod Stolom). On a right-hand bend, we turn left onto a side road towards Žirovniška planina and Zabreška planina. Stol, the highest peak of the Karavanke mountains, boasts over 1,000 meters higher. Passing Žirovniška planina after 1.5 km we reach Zabreška planina, where we are rewarded with one of the most beautiful views from the mountains of Gorenjska: the view opens to the valley and many places below us, and in the distance the Julian Alps boast above Bled.  

Shortly after Zabreška planina, the road begins to descend into the Završnica valley. After just under three kilometers, at the Jamov’c intersection, we connect to the main road, turn left anc continue downhill.

During the descent we can visit the Turkish Cave, where in the 15th and 16th centuries the inhabitants hid from the Turks. Access by bike is not possible, the cave is 5 minute hike away from the road.

Our descent will soon be completed – we will arrive in the valley of Završnica river. We turn left towards Završniško Lake. Today’s stage is not long, so we can take the time to stop.

The harder part of today’s route awaits us, the ascent to the Mountain Lodge on Zelenica. In eight kilometers we will climb just under 1,000 meters of altitude. The road leads up the valley, the asphalt soon turns into gravel, only steep sections are paved with concrete. We keep left at the junction for Kališče, cross the meadows Pri žagi, and after six kilometers of ascent we reach Tinčkova hut.

From here through Smokuška planina towards the hut at the spring of Završnica we have to cover a bit less than two kilometers of very steep road with rough gravel. For the most part it’s easier to walk and push the bike and enjoy the views of Begunjščica and Vrtača mountains that surround us.

There is a checkpoint with a stamp in the cabin at the spring of Završnica, and there is also a good time for a snack. We have an short, technically demanding part of the trail right at the spring of the Završnica – we pass this walking by the bike, remember to look back, as you can see all the way through the valley to Bled Lake and onwards to the Julian Alps. We will soon arrive at the former Zelenica ski area, the road becomes more gentle, with only a short descent from the summit to the Alpine Lodge at Zelenica.

Caution! During the summer months, livestock grazes on the plains of the Karavanke mountains, so we must close the gates behind us and do not disturb animals with aggressive riding.

Sights along the route:

  • The source of Završnica river (izvir Završnice)
  • Završniško lake
  • Turška cave
  • Zabreška planina

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